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The present-day Grace Baptist Church, 501 Cedar ST, was organized on April 27, 1897, with eight members present. The charter members were Mrs. Carrie Selene, J.A.Sjoberg, Mrs. J.A. Sjoberg, Mrs. Carolina Erickson, Anna Johnson, Inga Goldberg, Emma Carlson, and Rev. J.D. Johnson. The building was used as a Union Scandinavian Church and was shared by the Swedish, Methodist, Norwegian Lutheran, and Swedish Baptist. The morning service was conducted in Swedish and the evening meetings were held in various homes. On May 1, 1902, the church was incorporated as the First Swedish Baptist Church of Anaconda and this was changed in October 1934 to the First Grace Baptist Church of Anaconda. The business meetings of the church were held in the Swedish Language until 1934. The Swedish Methodists were paid for the share of the building on October 8. 1902. The Norwegian Lutherans continued to worship here until their building was completed in 1905 the first communion Service St was purchased in 1903 and has been in the church ever since. The first baptismal service was held in the new tank in the church on August 11, 1907. The church had electricity added to the building in October 1908. The church was able to secure its own parsonage in 1943 which was located at 312 E 5th. Used "opera" seats were installed in place of the straight-back chairs in 1943 and a new hardwood floor was laid in 1944. In 1945 a full basement was added to the church. The church was able to secure two buses which were used to transport children and adults from West Valley and Opportunity. the new church Education Annex that has now become a part of the church extension program was begun with the groundbreaking ceremony on April 7, 1957, and the actual construction started around the 1st of May. The building was opened for use in February of 1958 even though not fully completed. Marshall A. Richards was the twenty-fifth Pastor to have served the church.